What a busy week!

You can tell we are nearing the end of term; the pace has increased, the timetable is variable and the children are both excited and exhausted in equal measure!!
Last week was a fantastic week for all children at Eastcombe Primary. We came into school on Monday morning celebrating the success of the weekends Gnome Hunt. The 10th anniversary Gnome Hunt was a spectacular event with the proceeds benefitting the children in so many different ways. Plans for spending the money include new carpets, school trips including the Pantomime, new Reading books, spelling and grammar resources, classroom resources and much more! Thank you to everyone.
Monday also saw Squirrel class go on their class trip to Weston-Super-Mare. The weather was great and the children enjoyed building sandcastles, donkey rides and ice-creams. A fantastic day to support their topic ‘the seaside’.
Tuesday we had the new Reception children in for a morning of fun. They settled well had a great time. Activities included outside play, clay work and snack time.
Wednesday the school was busy rehearsing for the upcoming end of year Production ‘Porridge’. The children are so excited to be performing together and the audience are in for a real treat.
Thursday and Friday the Year 6 children had taster days at the new Secondary schools. This year we have children moving on to TK, Stroud High and Marling. They all thoroughly enjoyed their days out and took part in different activities including sports, art, science, drama and a few tests!
Thursday evening Thomas Keble hosted a sports awards evening. Ben and Alistair from Y5 won special awards for their sporting talents and attitudes. Well done both, we are very proud of you.
Friday was also ‘moving up’ day for our children. The Y2’s joined Mr King in Hedgehog class and the Y4’s became Y5 for the day with in Owl class. A day of fun activities, art work and play rehearsals took place.
This weekend the Young Voices choir are performing for the ‘Eastcombe Village Tea Party’. They practised lots last week and are in good voice for the event. Thank goodness they remembered the words and dance moves! Thank you Mrs Monk for organising this event, it is important and great to be supporting our local community. Our choir are also performing at Chalfest on the 20th July.
I think that’s all. Lessons are continuing as normal where possible, the children are playing up at the field regularly and the end of term is just around the corner. Next week will be another busy one so keep smiling everyone!