This week ‘We are creative’.

This week I would like to focus on creativity. We have been working on the wider curriculum as a staffing team and have realised just how creative our school is. We believe we offer lots of artistic, musical, drama and dance opportunities both in lessons and as extra-curricular opportunities. Our aim is develop children’s minds, bodies and senses, to fuel their imagination and to provide an outlet for their creativity.
Each classroom has wonderful art work on display. The art we create in school is always a good mix of 2D and 3D art. We study famous artists and work with local artists. We create large scale pieces of work as a class or group and also work individually on our own art pieces. We use a variety of mediums and learn how to use them effectively. Some of our art work is linked to our topics and some art work is created to practise skills, some is created just for fun! We use the local area to inspire us, such as creating mud sculptures down in the valley and sketching views from the village. We have had extra-curricular art clubs, drawing clubs and colouring clubs.
Being creative isn’t just about painting, drawing and sculpting. We also demonstrate creativity when singing. We sing in music lessons, sing at festivals such as Harvest and Christmas and we sing with our community at village events and celebrations. Each year we take children to sing in a choir of 8000 children with ‘Young Voices’ at the Genting Arena Birmingham. This is an incredible music experience which we share with parents who come and watch. We take our choir to sing at Chalfest on the main stage each year and next year we will sing as a choir of local schools. Singing is offered as an after school club and is open to any age child.
Drama is incredibly important to Eastcombe Primary School and our children learn to love the stage! So much so that many of our ex-pupils have gone on to take main parts in secondary school productions. We put on a Harvest performance, a Nativity play and class assemblies. The main drama event of the school year is our end of year production. The whole school performs on stage at Thomas Keble School for two nights in the summer term. Scripts are learnt, costumes sourced, props and scenery made, songs rehearsed and dances practised. Our performances are highly polished, professional, entertaining and full of laughter! The children truly shine when the spotlight is on them.
Dance is an area of creativity we are just starting to seriously explore as a school. We have children who attend many different local dance classes and this is something we would like to develop further in school. We do dance as part of our PE curriculum and we have just signed up to a term of street dancing! We will also offer a street dance club after half term. The youngest children in our school have enjoyed Boogie Beebies dance club and the whole school enjoys our Go Noodle dance sessions. Dance is incorporated into our class assemblies and end of year productions.
Music is being developed further thanks to the ESA purchasing lots of new musical resources. We have new instruments which we use in lessons, we follow a new music scheme called ‘Charanga’ and we make our own instruments in DT. Children have the opportunity to play tuned instruments such as Ocarinas, Recorders, glockenspiels, bells and boomwhackers. They also play un-tuned percussion instruments such as drums, triangles, sleigh bells and tambourines. Music lessons are loud and fun! We are also lucky enough to offer our children guitar and piano lessons in school. Each term a musical assembly allows the children the opportunity to perform for their peers.
The creative arts are so important to the children at Eastcombe Primary School we have three Year 6 Arts Ambassadors. Their role is to support, lead and help organise everything creative! They lead the signing (Makaton) in our singing assemblies, they organise competitions and support the teachers with everything creative.
This is just a flavour of some of the creative opportunities we give at Eastcombe Primary School. There are many more examples such as using the local area for natural art activities, Christmas Craft activities week and performing in talent competitions. Please ask our children about their creativity or come and have a look around our school and see evidence of creativity everywhere. I’m sure you will be both impressed and surprised by all our small school offers.