Skillzone Trip

We had an interesting trip to Skillzone in Gloucester recently to support our PSHE curriculum. The children were split into a Year 3 and a Year 4 groups, then went around the various scenarios inside the centre.
They learnt about being safe:
* in various rooms at home
* near a railway crossing
* near water
* in a park
* on a bus
* on the internet
* when crossing a road
The volunteers working at Skillzone, complimented our children for their excellent general knowledge about how to act safely, which was lovely to hear ⭐️
For information: Skillzone usually has an open day each year in September. This is well worth a family visit, as it is very interactive and engaging. The open day also works in tandem with a fire station open day, which is in the adjacent building ????
Thank you Skillzone, you were fantastic as always.