Music makes us happy.

Music is powerful, it has the ability to clear my head and lift my spirits. A great quote is ‘music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart’. Music comes in all shapes and forms in school and it is truly magical. The sound of children singing has the ability to reduce me to tears, children learning to play an instrument inspires me and children moving freely to music without inhibitions, makes me smile.
Eastcombe Primary School values all that music has to offer and we try to enhance our children’s musical learning experiences and opportunities.
Each child in the school sings. We sing collectively in assemblies and enjoy a wide variety of songs ranging from silly, fun, religious, traditional and modern. We enhance our singing by signing in Makaton to a selection of our favourites. Some of our children form a choir each year and sing at the Genting Arena in Birmingham with 8000 other ‘Young Voices’. This is an incredible experience for the children, staff and families that attend. Our school choir also sings for the community, attending village tea parties and celebrations, and singing on the main stage at Chalfest. The village residents join us for our annual lighting of the Christmas Stained Glass Windows and singing carols around the tree. Some of our favourite singing takes place on the stage of Thomas Keble School each summer in our end of year production. This is a chance to sing together and also show off solo and duets. The talent, bravery and confidence of our performers amazes me each year. We sing in French, we sing in after school clubs, we sing on the playground, we sing for pleasure.
Learning an instrument is really important and some of our children choose to take Piano or Guitar lessons. Performances by Guitar and Piano learners in assembly is really special. Parents are invited in to watch and listen to their children and see how their efforts of practising have paid off. Thank you to our wonderful Mrs Mills and Mrs Innes for teaching the children.
All of our children have the opportunity to learn both percussion and tuned instruments in our class music lessons. The children learn to play boomwhackers, glockenspiels, tuned bells, recorders and ocarina’s. This is great fun and ignites a love of learning a new skill and instrument. We perform to each other and in assemblies. Children develop the skills of reading music, playing a steady beat and mastering different rhythms. We learn to play quickly, slowly, quietly and loudly!
We like to link music to our topics and many successful units of work have included; singing and playing Viking sagas, dancing to Tudor music, singing London’s burning as a round and rapping at Harvest!
The ESA have played a huge part in our music lessons and experiences. They have bought many different tuned and un-tuned instruments, CDs for assembly songs, performance licences each summer and for the Nativity, Charanga online music resources and help with the costs of our Young Voices Choir. Thank you ESA for helping us all enjoy musical opportunities.
We occasionally play different genres of music while the children work, this helps with concentration, inspiration or to lift the mood on a wet afternoon! Children are encouraged to explore how music makes them feel. Music lessons always start with listening to different genres of music and identifying sounds of different instruments, exploring emotions and expressing whether we liked it or not. Genres range from pop, classical, reggae, jazz and rock.
We have been lucky enough to welcome different musicians in school playing a wide range of instruments. If you are reading this and are inspired to share with us an instrument you play then please get in touch as we would love to welcome you to an assembly.
Music is important to Eastcombe Primary School and I hope I have given some insight into all it means to us and how it infiltrates into everything we do. Music makes us happy!
If you would like to join a happy school; a school which is musical, then we have spaces in different year groups. Please be in touch via the school office on 01452 770227. We look forward to hearing from you.
Mrs Jones