Inspired by extra-curricular clubs.

Staff at Eastcombe Primary School understand the importance of offering a variety of after school activities and clubs. These extra-curricular opportunities allow the children to follow and develop their interests, try new things and socialise with different children. It enables children to grow in confidence, become resilient and commit to something. Despite being a small school we offer a fantastic range of after-school clubs, predominantly run by staff.
We swop our clubs each half term, allowing a huge range of activities to be offered during a whole school year. Uniquely, our clubs are offered to children from Reception to Year 6. Our clubs mainly run after school, however there are some opportunities offed at lunchtimes; this enables children who are busy outside of school to still attend a club and feel part of a group of children with shared interests.
This term we have chess club. This caters from the very beginner to the more experienced players. Mr King uses practical chess sets alongside computer programmes to teach and develop the skills of the game. It is a surprisingly competitive club!
Choir is taking place this term in preparation for the Young Voices concert in January. Mrs Monk is teaching the children many different songs from around the world ready to perform as part of an 8000 strong choir. Our choir will also be singing at the Christmas Bazaar next weekend.
Bookworm club and colouring club are offered at lunchtime. These clubs allow children to have something meaningful to do inside rather than being on the playground if they choose. Bookworm club is especially popular as the children are encouraged to curl up and read independently before watching an animated film of a popular children’s book.
Street dance club is loud, high energy and great fun! This club is run by Louise, a street dance teacher, and the group are working on a routine ready to share at the end of term.
Other clubs that we have already offered this year, or are planning on offering include; coding, cooking, eco-warrior, running, football, netball, board games, construction, wildlife, country dancing, cricket, outdoor discover and do, drawing, athletics and Boogie Beebies. The list is endless and we ask they children what clubs they would like also.
At Eastcombe Primary school we don’t just teach, we inspire!