Exciting learning opportunities everyday!

I love being part of Eastcombe Primary School. This week alone the children have made a huge fire engine from Polydron, sang Bon Jovi and Mamma Mia songs in music lessons, created stunning art work, played badminton, attended swimming and been coached tag rugby skills by Terry Fanolua! The Governing body met together and are working hard to ensure the children have the best education we can offer and the ESA met to discuss fundraising events and what to spend their money on. The children really are exceptionally lucky to attend such a vibrant, exciting and inspirational school.
Each class is working hard and has made a great start to the school year. The new children, and their families, are part of the school family and are contributing in their own unique ways.
Squirrel class have been working on place value in maths, learning new phonic sounds, creating art work to support their topic of ‘Fire Fire’ and enjoying outdoor learning. This week they have worked as a team to play traditional playground games and build a large fire engine from playground Polydron. In our RE lessons we have been learning about ‘Our Wonderful World’ and recognising the beauty in the nature around us, especially in our local area.
Hedgehog class have been learning about the first Olympics, they have created Greek art work and are writing exciting spy stories in English. They are working hard on the 99 club and we are already seeing children move their way up through the levels across the school. Keep practising your times tables everyone!
Owl class have been working hard on negative numbers in Maths, writing Egyptian information texts in English and learning about Hindus in RE. Each child has designed a Canopic Jar linked to their class text ‘Secrets of a Sun King’. They are thoroughly enjoying this book as a class reader and are keen to hear more of the story each day.
I hope our families enjoyed our first ‘Would you rather Wednesday’. We are working hard to encourage the development of oracy skills; look out for this Wednesday’s offering.
We continue to attract new families and since the start of term I have had many new enquiries for places in our school. I have shown around families this week just gone and have a further two families looking next week and taking part in a taster day. This is great news and I hope our prospective pupils like what they see and experience. We are holding an open morning on Wednesday 9th October, 10.00-11.30am. There is no need to book, just turn up and have a look around our school. If you are looking for a place for September 2020 or before, then we can’t wait to welcome you. If you would like further information on our school please look on the website or ring the school office on 01452 770227 to book an appointment.
Apart from a change in the weather, I wonder what this week will bring?
Keep following us to find out!