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News from Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class presently has a small class of infants with three full time adults. We have really enjoyed the start of the year.

We have done our first Welly Walk and we’ll do these regularly as the spring comes along. This time we built and floated bark boats. We have also planned some all day learning in the woods at Copesgrove.

Everyone has celebrated and encouraged the reception children as they have begun to read, that has been a highlight and it has been lovely to see the older children so keen to support them.

The class have show a real aptitude for coding and we have had a series of programming lessons this term.

Science is a popular subject as usual, particularly the experiments and visits from live animals. We made some interesting predictions about what would happen when we dissected our growing bulbs – some children were surprised to discover that the bulbs didn’t have blood inside.

We have performed really well in our monthly endeavour to run a mile at the fields, many children have achieved this but more importantly we have learnt about stamina, beating our personal best, supporting each other and persistence.

We have cooked Jewish potato cakes, learnt Chinese ribbon dancing, made dinosaur gardens, printed dinosaur pictures, been to a film night and made some accurate botanical watercolour paintings.

Of course we have also learnt plenty of maths and English too, which is going well. It is a pleasure to hear some of the children calling out, ‘Oh great, it is maths next, we love maths.’ We must give special mention this term to Jonah for his amazing vocabulary, Lucy for her great progress in reading and Scarlett for her improved handwriting.