Squirrel Class like maths!

When we asked the class what they like most about school, maths was up there. Most of our maths lessons are hands-on before any attempt to write. Our maths lessons are not usually silent, in fact there is a lot of conversation! The children often work out tasks together. Once there is good understanding, then we learn about how to represent our work on paper.

When we learnt about weight and capacity, we cooked. When we learnt about money and subtraction, we set up a real book shop (and raised £50 for charity). When we learnt about time, we used sand timers to share turns on favourite toys fairly.

Thank you for all the work you support us with at home – when you talk about how much water the bath holds, how much money you need to buy two sandwiches or whether you have enough butter for the cake, you are helping with maths.

”That’s not half, my half strawberry has to be the same as your half.”

” You need some more, it’s not heavy enough.”

”That could be right because it is an odd number.”

”Oh, octagon, that sounds like octopus, why is that?”

”Yours has more tens. Mine has more ones. Put them together, how many can we make now?”