Term Dates and Timings of the School Day

The timings of our school day are currently as follows:

KS2 – 8.50am-3.15pm

KS1 & EYFS – 8.50am-3.10pm

This equates to 32 hours and 5 mins per week.

From September 2023 the timings of the school day will alter slightly to meet Government guidance. After consultation and with agreement from the Governors the school day will be 8.45am-3.15pm for all children. This equates to 32.5hours a week.

Term Dates 2023-24

INSET days are highlighted in orange.

Term Dates 2022-23

Please note – An extra bank holiday has been awarded for the Kings Coronation on Monday 8th May

Term Dates 2021-22

Please note – Due to an extra day awarded for the Queen’s Jubilee we will now end the summer term on Thursday July 21st July

Term Dates 2020-2021

Term dates 2019-20