Mock Trial 2019

The year 6 children took part in the Mock Trial competition this week against another school. Each of the children was given a role that they had to prepare for, these included: defence solicitors, magistrates, an usher, a witness, a member of the youth offending team, the defendant and the defendant’s parents. We also had a court reporter and court artist!
The defendant was accused of stealing an IPhone and our job was to prove her innocence. Finn and Bryony did a great job asking the witnesses questions and responding appropriately, whilst Dora and Daisy acted in their roles well to convince the magistrates that we were not guilty of the crime!
During the trial there were 3 judges in the room who each scored us on our performance throughout the trial. We wait to hear how we scored against the other schools taking part in the trial this year.
Well done Year 6’s, I was very proud of you all!!