Last week!

Another week, another new sport for the children at Eastcombe Primary School. Thanks to James from Atlas Sports, the children had a great session on Wednesday learning how to play dodgeball. This is to help the children gain a wider knowledge of sports and prepare the KS1 children for a dodgeball festival which is coming up soon. The afternoon was fast paced, full of fun and new skills. We are looking forward to next week’s lesson.
Hedgehog class visited the Roman Baths and Spa in Bath on Thursday. They enjoyed the visit and learnt lots about life in Roman times. The interactive guides were especially interesting. It was a busy and tiring day, but it brought their topic to life. Thank you to the adults who took the children on this trip.
Squirrel class made and tasted Kosher food this week to support their RE lessons. There was a mixed reaction to the food eaten, however it was an invaluable experience for all. Squirrel class also had a special visitor this week, Sami’s hamster! The purpose of this visit was to support their science topic. The children learnt how to keep pets safe, healthy and happy.
Owl class have been writing stories in English linked to The Lighthouse, short film. These are incredible and I’m pleased to say they are going up on display in the classroom so please pop in and have a read.
Year 6 are busy organising a fundraising disco to help finance their end of year trip. This year they have decided to go Tubing and to play Laser Tag! They are also preparing for their SATs tests this coming week and we wish them well. We know that they will all do their very best.
Only two weeks to go until half term, let’s hope we have some sunshine this week!