Science: magnets and magnetic force!

This week Hedgehog class have had a real focus on our Science unit of work: Forces and magnets. During the lessons, children have been carrying out a series of different investigations in pairs.

Image result for magnetic force ks2 pictureIn the first lesson, we introduced what a magnet is and the children carried out an activity to prove that a magnet has a special magnetic force, which can attract (pull in) certain objects. They were then given a selection of different materials and they had to make predictions about whether they thought those materials were going to be magnetic (or not). The children then carried out those investigations, which gave them some interesting results.

In the following lesson, the class were shown several different types of magnet, including; a bar magnet, horseshoe magnet, button magnet and a rubber fridge magnet. They were then told that they would be testing to find out which magnet has the strongest magnetic force, by seeing how many paperclips in a chain each one could attract. Again the children made a prediction as to which might be the strongest magnet, before carrying out the investigations themselves.