Catch-up curriculum

Catch up Curriculum or Recovery Curriculum

The Government has announced that each school will receive funding for a ‘catch-up curriculum or recovery curriculum’. This funding will be released to schools in three tranches and is to be used for enabling pupils to ‘catch up’ on lost teaching time during lockdown. Schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances. Guidance has been issued on how best to spend this money and schools are accountable for how it is being used.

Principles of catch up plans;

  • Pupils need to be emotionally settled before catch up plans are started
  • Catch up should be intense, time limited, focused on key knowledge
  • Specific groups of pupils should be targeted
  • Catch up can be in class time or as an intervention delivered by teachers or teaching assistants
  • Teachers need to check pupils for gaps in knowledge and plan accordingly

Staff at Eastcombe Primary School have already started thinking about how our children will ‘catch-up’. Initial plans include;

  1. Intervention groups for Phonics, Maths, Spelling, GPS (Grammar Punctuation & Spelling) and reading
  2. Individual catch up sessions for pupils to include reading, phonics, handwriting and number work
  3. Children who are currently on My Plans will automatically be included in the catch-up interventions
  4. Children who will be included in catch-up plans will be identified by class teachers

It is our intention that the Coronavirus catch-up premium will be spent on additional Teaching Assistant hours to enable individual and group work to be implemented by either the class teachers or the teaching assistants themselves.